Monday, 1 February 2016

Accommodations vs. Modifications

In an inclusive classroom, teachers use accommodations as strategies to meet the needs of all learners.  In early 2015, in response to need, I created an accommodation checklist for our teachers as a tool for them to use throughout tiers one and two of our Pyramid of Intervention.  We call these strategies 'good teaching.' 

Sometimes, learners need a little bit more than what accommodations can provide in order to access the curriculum.  At this time, we consider implementing modifications, which allow students who are still struggling with the curriculum after all appropriate accommodations have been tried for a period of 6 weeks. 

Following is some great information from one of my favourite blogs, The Inclusive Class

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Here are some examples of modificationsRemember, that a modified lesson in an inclusive classroom is a lesson where the objective and/or learning materials have been changed to meet the needs of a special learner.  However, the overall concept or activity remains the same so that the learner can experience the curriculum alongside his or her classmates.

This math sheet has been easily modified by providing alternate questions.
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This math sheet can be modified by having the student complete
alternate math operations with the numbers on the page.

This Grade 8 science vocabulary activity has become a YES/NO activity.

An alternate activity is provided for the student
using the same handout as the rest of the class.
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Alternate text can be placed over the original text in a class novel.
(All children have the same book, regardless of reading level.)


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