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General/Mixed Mathematics

StudyJams for Math - Thank you, Scholastic, for being totally awesome.

AAAMath - sorted by strand 

Primary Games: Math

Math Practice Games - grades 1 through 6 (American content)

Fun Brain Math Arcade 

Math Dictionary for Kids - over 600 animated terms in kid-friendly language

Maths File Game Wheel

GameQuarium Math Games - approximately eleventy gajillion of them!

Math Dojo

Math Advantage

Math Zone

Math Worksheet Creator 

KidZone Math Games 

MathGen Worksheet Generator


Scientific Calculator

Math Kids Grade 1

Math Kids Grade 2

Math Kids Grade 3

Math Kids Grade 4

Math Kids Grade 5

Math Kids Grade 6

Math Is Fun - Games Index (lots to choose from!)

Basic Facts

Blackboard Math 

Math Baseball 

Feed Fribbit Addition

Math Mayhem


Flight for Fuel (up to 10+10)

Spacey Math

How Many Under the Shell

Penguin Party Addition

Test the Toad (+/- with number line)  

FlashCard Creator

Fun4TheBrain Addition Games

Fun4TheBrain Subtraction Games

Mathionaire Addition Quiz

Math Fact Mahjong

Edgemoor Tournament subtraction

Puny Pet Shop subtraction

Gone Bananas subtraction

Number Sense

Find the Number  

Snakes and Ladders 

Ten frame practice  

Number Cracker

Grouping & Grazing

123 Order

Make a Calendar

Problem Solving


Money Math

Change Maker (Canadian money option) 

Money Math Worksheets from EdHelper


Mr. Clock

Data Collection & Graphing 

Create a Graph 

Decimals and Fractions 

Fraction Frenzy 


Make your own measuring tools 


Experimental Probability - spinners


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