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In this space, I will be sharing some great tools for teachers and educational assistants...and parents, too!

Assistive Technology & Tech Tools

Voz Me will  create an MP3 (auditory file) of the text that you enter.

Text Compactor will auto-summarize the text you enter to make it shorter and more easily readable. 

Readability is free and turns any web page into a clean view.

Simple Wikipedia makes wikis more easily readable.

If you are making the  switch to Windows 8, check out the accessibility guide here.

Tiered Web Pages - at $49/year, this site allows teachers to create flexible, web-based instructional materials that are tiered for learners.

Wolfram Alpha - a computational knowledge engine.  Homework help, anyone?

KidBlog - A free blogging tool designed for elementary & middle school students

Evernote - a free, digital, online note-taking application

Prezi - create flash-based, non-linear presentations

Wiggio - makes online collaboration easy

Keyboarding Games from Learning Games for Kids

Differentiated Instruction/Tiered Teaching/Multi-Level Lessons

Multi-Level Teaching - TONS of links on the topic and to help with individual subjects.

Reading & Writing

Protocol for Accomodations in Reading  is a free download to help guide decisions.

LibriVox - free public domain audio books

Audible - paid audio books

Vocaroo - online voice recording

English Language Learners

Translate and Speak

Google Translate

Specific Medical or Exceptional Learning Needs

Misunderstood Minds **Mrs. Baker LOVES this site!** has created a set of interactive activities which offer the chance to simulate reading disabilities, writing disabilities or attentional issues
"He's lazy."  "If only she tried harder."  `He chooses to do it sometimes and not at other times.``  Have you ever entertained those thoughts about your child or any of your students? Have you ever heard your colleagues use those statements to describe any of their students? Do you realize how difficult it can be for our struggling learners, ALL DAY LONG?  If they could do it, THEY WOULD.  Though it does appear to be at time, it is NOT a conscious choice.  If you never struggled as a student, here is an opportunity to experience, even briefly, what school is like for too many of our students. It is vital we have empathy for what our struggling learners experience on a daily basis.

Click here to select from a large variety of needs.  Information is directed at classroom teachers from Learn Alberta.


Poster: How to Support People with Autism

Autism Information for Classroom Teachers from Learn Alberta

Autism Speaks

Koegel Autism (Pivotal Response Treatment)

Paula Kluth has published several books for teachers on curriculum and literacy for individuals with autism. 

Friend 2 Friend Social Learning Society

Executive Functioning Skills

Speech & Language

SLP-opedia (Christie Schipper, SLP for our school 2012-13)

Character Education

Have you Filled a Bucket Today?
Bucket Fillers 101

Random Acts of Kindness


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