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General/Mixed Literacy Links

We Give Books - Just join for free and have access to thousands of digital books to read online!


PBS Literacy Games (choose from 84 great games!)

BBC Literacy

ICT Games Literacy

Word Central - spelling, grammar,  vocabulary and more

Fun Brain Reading (including Mad Libs) 


Reading Tools

Reading Bear - 50 presentations, 1200 vocabulary words...a neat way to supplement reading instruction!

Letter Names & Sounds

PBS Letter Games (choose from 33 great games!)

ABC, Mommy & Me

The ABC Game - from Primary Games

Connect the Dots

Alphabet Zoo - an alphabetizing game

Alphabet Memory - with upper and lower case letters

Alphabet Fun -from Billy Bears

Alphabet Action - a Learning Planet game

Alphabetical Adventure

A-Z letter sounds

Spelling & Phonics

Spelling City

Spelling Bee
Deep Sea Phonics

Long Vowel Phonemes

See n' Spell - choose your level

Interactive Spelling Bee - choose your grade level

Spelling Match - choose a grade level and match the word with the missing letters

Word Blender - beginning and ending sounds

WhirlyWord - CVC words

Word Sort - choose beginning sounds, ending sounds or rhymes

Spellbound - common words

Fowl Words

Word Wizard - spelling activities using vocabulary from popular books

ABC Fast Phonics

Drag n' Spell - long vowels

Construct A Word - word families

Sandcastle Quiz - choose a phoneme

Spelling Rules - poems from BBC

Magic E Adventures

Snap It!  Long Vowel Phonemes

Catch the Spelling

Sight Words
High Frequency Words Hangman 

Popcorn Words

Dinosaur Words

Star Words

Dolch Games


Word Reader

Download my WORDO board

Download my Dolch flashcards: Pre-Primer, Primer, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3.

Rhymes & Word Families


Reggie's Rhymes 

River Rhyming

Base Word Baseball (word endings)

Rhyme Zone (find a rhyme for any word)

Learning Chocolate 


Story Scramble 

Sentence Structure & Punctuation

The Magic Key

Kung-Fu Sentences

Wall of Words

Punctuation Games

K-5 English Grammar, Punctuation and Proofreading


Kerpoof! It's owned by Disney, so it's gotta be good!

Letter Generator - it's not a story, but teaches friendly letter format

Sentence Sort - what kind of sentence is it? 

Story Starters - over 2000 story starters for kids.

StoryBird - make, read and share visual stories


Paint by Idioms 

Grammar Ninja

Online Storybooks



Keyboarding Skills

Dance Mat Typing
Big Brown Bear - learn to type
Keyboard at Big Brown Bear

Reader's Theatre
Reader's Theatre Scripts
More scripts

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